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Looking to add a new rug to a room or just to oomph an existing space?  Check out some guidelines below detailing pros and cons of the types of rugs available at House as well as what material works best for your space and the best size of rug to choose for each rooms.

Indoor/Outdoor Polypropylene Rugs

This is a man made fibre.  These rugs are durable, washable and very dependable.  They are easy to clean, can be used in damp environments, outside in full sun and are very family and animal friendly.  They are also produced in bright vibrant colours which work well for our aesthetic and climate.  They can be more expensive than cotton rugs, but will last much longer.

Various styles, sizes and patterns are available with geometric, quirky patterns (check out the bold lobster print) to more traditional stripes and solids.

Polypropylene rugs are best for kitchens, laundry rooms, outdoor spaces, high traffic and sunny areas. In many instances it is a good idea to add a good rug pad under this type of  rug to give it a softer feel underfoot.


Indoor/Outdoor Recycled Polyester (P.E.T)

PET rugs are eco friendly man made fibers that are as soft as wool.  They are surprisingly soft to walk on and easy to clean.  They are not the best choice for a dining room as they may pill over time.  They are however, great for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and high-traffic areas.

More companies are now innovating with re-used fibers.  We are constantly amazed how soft and durable these rugs are as well as the fabulous styles and designs that are being produced.


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 1.58.43 PM

Recycled denim and natural fibers.

Sizal and Jute Rugs

Durable, natural grasses and other fibers combine with neutral, earthy palettes and rich textures.  These rugs are now being woven in ever complicated designs and textures.  Sizal and Jute work very well in our environment.  They are also a great base layer for other rugs.  They are incredibly strong, durable, renewable and are now being woven with other materials for more interesting textures and appeal.  The newer Sizal and Jute rugs are softer underfoot.  They are best for living rooms and high traffic areas.  They can be placed outside though not in areas that are likely to get wet or in full sunlight.

Wool Rugs

These are the most common types of rugs in Europe and North America as they are comfy underfoot, strong, have good stain and water repellency and are excellent for insulation purposes (which is a good reason you may not want one in the BVI)!  Wool rugs are good for high traffic areas; living rooms or dining rooms. A wool rug would be good in a well ventilated air conditioned environment. However, they do absorb humidity so not good in a damp space.

Viscose Rugs

Viscose rugs have a very soft and sumptuous feel  They are known for their supreme softeness and sheen.  They are softer than wool.  HOWEVER….. they require professional dry cleaning and CANNOT get wet – I have first hand experience of this!!!  Water will stain them!  They are best used in gently used areas like Master Bedrooms and low traffic areas.


Cotton Rugs

Cotton is a lightweight material.  You get a “lot of look” for a reasonable price.  It has a low profile and is often reversible.  It is more affordable than other mediums, easy to clean but doesn’t necessarily wear well over time.

Cotton rugs are best used in Kitchens, casual spaces and children’s rooms.  Once again, a good rugpad underneath will enhance the feel of this rug underfoot.


A final note…


Rug sizes for a living or dining room.

Cusomers often ask “what size rug should be used in a space”.  Although price is a heavy consideration here, we strongly urge you to go as big as possible with the space you are decorating.  It REALLY does make a difference when making a statement in a room.

Below are some guidelines for dining rooms and living room arrangements.  See our earlier blog on bedroom decorating for guidelines for rugs under beds or don’t hesitate to contact us at House for a free consultation.

Dining Room Rug Layout



Living Room spaces


We have expanded our range of rugs available through the shop and are happy to special order from a huge variety of choices for all budgets and tastes.  Feel free to stop in and have a look at what we have to offer.



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