August Aquas

This month I want to talk about Aquas: Colour schemes as well as accents.

Aqua is described as refreshing and uplifting. It is considered a colour of creativity, light hearted but tranquil. It inspires, calms, balances both the mind and emotion and is said to promote inner peace and serenity. No wonder we love it!

Aqua seaglass brings the beauty of the beach to the home.
Some favourite aqua colour paints. These typically are softer and gentler than the bolder turquoise’s and teals.

We are surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Caribbean which often appear more green than blue thanks to the presence of phytoplankton, microscopic marine algae that contain green light reflecting chlorophyll. Therefore a caribbean paint palette often favours these colours as a reflection of what We see around us. It is reminiscent of vacations and beachy escapes.

Pastel shades were revisited in the post war era and the optimistic outlook of the 50s – or mid century modern, which is now relevant in interest or decorating schemes. Domestic area were especially refitted with pastel shades and this trend is once again resurfacing in all areas of the house.

Breakfast nook by Maine Cottage

Kitchens especially are suited to aqua, either with soft painted walls…

image courtesy of Sand and Sisal Seaglass in hurricanes echoes the hue on the walls.

or, used heavily as accent pieces.

Tracey Rapisardi Design The Dash and Albert rug brings in a little more colour

In bathrooms, tile can be used as detail accents.

If the rest of the room was white, you would still think of the room as being aqua.
Aqua walls and accents used together on this console table

A more modern way to incorporate a colour into a space is to use it just once but as the only splash of colour. Look how fantastic this deck is with the painted aqua ceiling.

Photo by Jamie Steele

And below, where it is simply used on the door to the house.

Courtesy of Life on Virginia Street

However, most of us will incorporate aquas as accents, either on shelves, using seaglass, to decorate a table or use as an accesssory.

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