August Aquas

This month I want to talk about Aquas: Colour schemes as well as accents.

Aqua is described as refreshing and uplifting. It is considered a colour of creativity, light hearted but tranquil. It inspires, calms, balances both the mind and emotion and is said to promote inner peace and serenity. No wonder we love it!

Aqua seaglass brings the beauty of the beach to the home.
Some favourite aqua colour paints. These typically are softer and gentler than the bolder turquoise’s and teals.

We are surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Caribbean which often appear more green than blue thanks to the presence of phytoplankton, microscopic marine algae that contain green light reflecting chlorophyll. Therefore a caribbean paint palette often favours these colours as a reflection of what We see around us. It is reminiscent of vacations and beachy escapes.

Pastel shades were revisited in the post war era and the optimistic outlook of the 50s – or mid century modern, which is now relevant in interest or decorating schemes. Domestic area were especially refitted with pastel shades and this trend is once again resurfacing in all areas of the house.

Breakfast nook by Maine Cottage

Kitchens especially are suited to aqua, either with soft painted walls…

image courtesy of Sand and Sisal Seaglass in hurricanes echoes the hue on the walls.

or, used heavily as accent pieces.

Tracey Rapisardi Design The Dash and Albert rug brings in a little more colour

In bathrooms, tile can be used as detail accents.

If the rest of the room was white, you would still think of the room as being aqua.
Aqua walls and accents used together on this console table

A more modern way to incorporate a colour into a space is to use it just once but as the only splash of colour. Look how fantastic this deck is with the painted aqua ceiling.

Photo by Jamie Steele

And below, where it is simply used on the door to the house.

Courtesy of Life on Virginia Street

However, most of us will incorporate aquas as accents, either on shelves, using seaglass, to decorate a table or use as an accesssory.

We have many options to choose from in store and can advise you re colours to pick when decorating. Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest and facebook for more ideas @housebvi and don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.


Beige is back!

It’s official! Beige is back. At this years premier furniture and designer trade shows, manufacturers have been showcasing the up and coming beige trends. Did you know there are five different undertones to beige: Green, Pink, Gold, Yellow and Orange. This means that choosing the right colour to co-ordinate with the correct undertone is crucial to getting the correct look and feel and to prevent clashing of colours.

For this outing however, we are not using it as paint for walls. Beige is making its come back as upholstery fabrics, drapery, accent pieces and flooring.

This hue delivers a warmer softer and altogther more inviting look and  feel which can translate to every room in the house. 

In the caribbean we can use the undertones of beige in materials that perfectly suit our climate and the look and feel of the spaces we aim to create.  Wicker, wood, jute and sisal all have similar undertones and can be used together for a harmonious warm and welcoming space.

Set beige pieces besides white backdrops.  Primarily paint the wallswhite as a background, which then, when paired with beige furniture, show case this warm hue of fixed elements and accessories that then become the star of the show.

I never thought I would be considering this colour back in my decorating repertoire but here we are!  For years, I have been advising against painting walls this colour and changing out old boring sofas, but used in an updated and different medium, we can still incorporate this colour whilst dragging the look and feel into todays aesthetic making it look classic and timeless, not dated.

Here are some suggestions of how to incorporate beige into a colour scheme:

Set sisal and jute rugs as place holders in a room scheme, either under a bed, dining table or seating area.

Bold wicker or bamboo sofas and chairs can be placed inside or outside and dressed with accent pillows in an alternative colour.  Royal blues and jewel tone greens can look stunning.

Lamps, lampshades and pendant lighting all have a part to play here.  Many manufacturers are coming up with finer, lightweight and flexible mediums that play well for this look.

Don’t forget fabrics: from sunbrellas to crisp cottons and textured prints.  These all play a part.  Beige velvets and chenilles are increasingly popular for soft furnishings.

Unfinished white oak wood cabinets, doors or panelling look fresh in a kitchen setting.  Add in a smidge of black to sharpen the scheme and deliver an edgy more trendy look.

Artwork and mirrors are a popular place to repeat this colour vertically.  A triptych or mosaic of prints can look extemely effective.  

Smaller decorative accessories are also easy to incorporate.  Baskets for plants, placemats, soapstone pots, rope and bamboo all have beige undertones, so dot these about for a super decorated finish.


Never underestimate the power of plants and greenery.  For a softer more tropical mix with beige make sure you utilise plants, ferns be it real or silks to complete the look and feel.

Christmas Decorating

This time last year as Christmas was approaching, there was a very different feel in the air.  Many of us wanted it just to be over and those who were not leaving for the holidays were struggling with renovations and lack of power.  One year one and there is a much more positive vibe to preparing for the season.

In the shop we have been asked for weeks, when we will be decorating.  Well……now we have.  It’s always quite a mammoth task but with two extra rooms this time around, it was all hands on deck to deliver a festive look ready for Monday.

We crank up the music and carry hundreds of boxes of pre-priced decorations into the shop and try and make some sort of sense out of the chaos!!  Check out Instagram @housebvi for a timelapse video taken during the afternoon. So much thanks to Becs, Zoe, Suzie, Laura, Brenda, Josh and the lovely Lisa who has become a christmas necessity and keeps us all chuckling with jokes and champagne.


Decorating in the Caribbean is a little different to traditional christmas decor in colder climbs.  We tend to steer away from the red and white, holly berries and Yule logs as these things just dont work for sunnier climbs. We can however take the opportunity to incorporate the colours of our surroundings and these days there are many options to use when decorating.   Here are a few tips for decorating in the islands that may help you this season whether you are starting from scratch with decorations or want to change it up a notch.

1.  If space is tight, or the budget doesn’t allow,  dont feel like you MUST have a tree. A room can be made to feel festive without one.  Try using wreaths or glittery branches and sprays in glass vases and hurricanes.  These can either be store bought or homemade.

2.  Decorate shelves for Christmas.  Turn a book shelf or console table into a seasonal centrepiece.  Pull together existing items from elsewhere in the house and shake it up. Battery operated string lights can be used on shelves and wound around regular objects to dress up the everyday into a more merry vignette.

3.  Keep it simple with colours, pick one main colour with an accent and stick with it.  Less is more and it is easy to build on with simple neutrals.


An everyday bowl can be transformed by switching out fruit or shell collections for baubles and something shiny and glittery.  I love to add starfish either real or resin and sparkly ones are very popular too.

A simple wreath can be glammed up and used inside, hung on a mirror or in place of a picture for a short period of time.


Don’t forget the outside.  We spend so much time outside in this climate.  You can always put a tree outside.  I put fairy lights in the smaller trees I have in pots and stringing lights around the edge of a balcony or deck always looks cheery.  Solar powered fairy lights are now available and can be hung in trees and hedges.

However you decide to decorate this season, please come and check out the decorations we have in store.  We will be open late on December 6th for the BVI Bake Off (Starting at 4.30) and Neighbourhood Night on Thursday December 13th.  As usual we will be serving mince pies and mimosas and look forward to seeing you.









How can you NOT afford to use an Interior Decorator?

Many customers over the years have mentioned they could never afford to use an Interior Design Service.  I always find this astonishing, as it is often assumed that such services are too expensive and will result on a large unexpected budget slipping out of control.

I believe the opposite is true. Proper consultancy and advice should save you making costly, needless mistakes in a multitude of ways. House Interior Design service can be used in a many ways.  From a basic colour consult; advice on colour choices, layout of furniture, cabinetry, choosing fixtures and fittings to a full Interior Design Service.

Colour consultancy is a good place to start.  Just picking the correct paint shade to match an existing floor finish can make or break the harmony of the room.  The right advice before you start can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Your favourite bright pink colour this week may start to become a little tired in 6 months time.  House believes in classic and timeless decor.  That is, accessorize with colour trends using items than can easily and inexpensively be changed when you grow tired of them.  Rather  concentrate on neutral undertones and proven colourways for hard finishes.


Mood boards showing finishes, fabrics and colour choices are the next useful tool.  We put together and showcase samples and images to show the client how we can pull the room together with colour and scale.


When it comes to layout and flow of a space, we often see clients that have ‘over bought’ furniture pieces and decorative accessories.  They ask us to help them “fix” the space.  It’s not that they have skimped on what they have purchased but often there is too much of it or it is totally wrong for the look they are trying to achieve and it has created  a needless expenditure.  Once again, a great deal of money could have been saved if an interior design layout or render was created to show how the space would look prior to purchase decisions.


Rendering can give you an idea of how the room will look, how the colours will work together and you can even enjoy a 3D walkthrough of the space to see what is getting in the way.  Now look at the 3D option…. of some of the above floor layout.

Investing in rendering really does give you a good idea of how the room will look with the suggestions we are able to make.

Sourcing and Delivery of furniture is extremely useful.  Clients are surprised to learn that they can customise a bespoke piece of furniture; choose the fabric, pillow fill and size whilst checking out a like item from the same supplier.  This way they know exactly what it will feel like to sit on, how the fabric will fall or the colour and finish of the wood. When ordering from an internet website, you havent been able to  test the item.  All pieces can look a different colour in a photograph and there is no guarantee of the condition or finish or quality of the article.  In addition, when ordering from House, you know the landed price (cost of the piece including duty and freight).  Adding up the total cost of goods shipped in, considering the charges for freight, duty, port and accessorial costs often results in us hearing  “oh, we wish we had bought it on island”!!  In addition, if there is any problem with the shipping or the item arrives damaged, the client is not responsible and all their costs are covered.

House is happy to work with all sizes of projects, big or small.  If you would like to ask us about our Interior Design Services, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or phone.. or t:2844941920.


Lie like a rug!


Looking to add a new rug to a room or just to oomph an existing space?  Check out some guidelines below detailing pros and cons of the types of rugs available at House as well as what material works best for your space and the best size of rug to choose for each rooms.

Indoor/Outdoor Polypropylene Rugs

This is a man made fibre.  These rugs are durable, washable and very dependable.  They are easy to clean, can be used in damp environments, outside in full sun and are very family and animal friendly.  They are also produced in bright vibrant colours which work well for our aesthetic and climate.  They can be more expensive than cotton rugs, but will last much longer.

Various styles, sizes and patterns are available with geometric, quirky patterns (check out the bold lobster print) to more traditional stripes and solids.

Polypropylene rugs are best for kitchens, laundry rooms, outdoor spaces, high traffic and sunny areas. In many instances it is a good idea to add a good rug pad under this type of  rug to give it a softer feel underfoot.


Indoor/Outdoor Recycled Polyester (P.E.T)

PET rugs are eco friendly man made fibers that are as soft as wool.  They are surprisingly soft to walk on and easy to clean.  They are not the best choice for a dining room as they may pill over time.  They are however, great for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and high-traffic areas.

More companies are now innovating with re-used fibers.  We are constantly amazed how soft and durable these rugs are as well as the fabulous styles and designs that are being produced.


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 1.58.43 PM

Recycled denim and natural fibers.

Sizal and Jute Rugs

Durable, natural grasses and other fibers combine with neutral, earthy palettes and rich textures.  These rugs are now being woven in ever complicated designs and textures.  Sizal and Jute work very well in our environment.  They are also a great base layer for other rugs.  They are incredibly strong, durable, renewable and are now being woven with other materials for more interesting textures and appeal.  The newer Sizal and Jute rugs are softer underfoot.  They are best for living rooms and high traffic areas.  They can be placed outside though not in areas that are likely to get wet or in full sunlight.

Wool Rugs

These are the most common types of rugs in Europe and North America as they are comfy underfoot, strong, have good stain and water repellency and are excellent for insulation purposes (which is a good reason you may not want one in the BVI)!  Wool rugs are good for high traffic areas; living rooms or dining rooms. A wool rug would be good in a well ventilated air conditioned environment. However, they do absorb humidity so not good in a damp space.

Viscose Rugs

Viscose rugs have a very soft and sumptuous feel  They are known for their supreme softeness and sheen.  They are softer than wool.  HOWEVER….. they require professional dry cleaning and CANNOT get wet – I have first hand experience of this!!!  Water will stain them!  They are best used in gently used areas like Master Bedrooms and low traffic areas.


Cotton Rugs

Cotton is a lightweight material.  You get a “lot of look” for a reasonable price.  It has a low profile and is often reversible.  It is more affordable than other mediums, easy to clean but doesn’t necessarily wear well over time.

Cotton rugs are best used in Kitchens, casual spaces and children’s rooms.  Once again, a good rugpad underneath will enhance the feel of this rug underfoot.


A final note…


Rug sizes for a living or dining room.

Cusomers often ask “what size rug should be used in a space”.  Although price is a heavy consideration here, we strongly urge you to go as big as possible with the space you are decorating.  It REALLY does make a difference when making a statement in a room.

Below are some guidelines for dining rooms and living room arrangements.  See our earlier blog on bedroom decorating for guidelines for rugs under beds or don’t hesitate to contact us at House for a free consultation.

Dining Room Rug Layout



Living Room spaces


We have expanded our range of rugs available through the shop and are happy to special order from a huge variety of choices for all budgets and tastes.  Feel free to stop in and have a look at what we have to offer.



Boys rooms update

It takes time, but both the boys rooms are finally finished.  The wall art arrived and we finally decided on the lamps for Sams room.  Josh is back for the summer.  His comments  were that he “likes the bed cushions and the chest of drawers” !  Sam is yet to see the finished product but hopefully loves the cool anchor rope lamps and accessories that pay homage to his sailing roots.

The customised world map….


Rope and hessian stool


Navy Blue wicker chair with re-covered cushions and new blinds


Bedside Anchor Lamps


New wall art in Joshs room (for the Netflix afflicted)


And now for the Master Bedroom!l

Its over six and a half months now since hurricane Irma.  I would definitely say that there is different energy on the island.  Insurance payouts are beginning and more and more you can see scaffolding surrounding houses and repairs taking place.  It is a good feeling.

After the boys bedrooms and finishing off the laundry area downstairs we have moved up the stairwell.  We have a very big window in this area, which unfortunately decided to blow in during the storm removing many pieces of artwork that were hanging gallery style in this area.  We are still putting together some more pieces and deciding what we can save.  One of the most important for me was an Erasure fly poster from my days in the music business, so hopefully we can repair that.  I love it.  My fab electrician, Densil hung a new pendant light last week and Ryan (great painter) painted the whole stairwell in Benjamin Moore Intense white, – that is another story.  I have purchased 13 Dash and Albert petit diamond platinum and white rugs to wrap the wooden stairs.

We have BM Chantilly Lace as the white ceiling and trim colour and it turns out intense white is too close, so that will need a rethink prior to starting the living area and kitchen on the main floor.

The bedroom now beckons.  When we built the house originally about 6 years ago, all the rooms were based around a taupe neutral colour, some rooms darker than others but in the same colour family.  Tastes and experiences have changed my mind on this and as long as continuity is kept with furnishings, flooring mood and harmony, I have decided to change it up a little.

My bedroom is my sanctuary.  I LOVE sleeping and as you can see from my last post, take bedding and night time comfort seriously!  Although we were very lucky in that this room was not really harmed, the force of the wind blew water up under the eaves of the house and the ceiling and walls all got wet, not to mention the two thick rugs I had on the floor.

My first decision was to buy a proper wooden bed.  I have always used frames and made headboards previously but felt like a complete change.  The bed has finally arrived on island.  Due to the fact that I already have white bedside tables and for the moment white dressers, I opted for a white enamel bed from Bassett furniture seen below in ivory.


Thanks to our trip to Key Biscanne in October, I fell in love with a blue bedroom (think calm and cool) so the walls are now painted BM Whitestone blue.  A trip to the UK provided the perfect opportunity for the magic to happen and I am so happy with it.


I thought I would have to change the taupe curtains which are a light taupe brown colour but happily I think they work really well.  The bed and new white chair and a half plus ottoman will be unpacked this week and installed and then the decision on the rug/rugs for bedside will have to be made.

So here are renders on how the room should look, complete with current artwork in the room.  Our lamps are actually a white coral affair, and I will be procuring either a soft blue or off white linen throw or bedspread to work with the walls or curtains.


We have a signed John Clem Clarke print, and three of his Marquette’s, an Oliver Gal set of gold lips on wrapped canvas and a large Ace of clubs currently, although I may have other plans for the playing card going forward in another area.


I have omitted the dog beds, the scattered clothing and strewn discarded for aesthetic reasons……..


How to hang curtains

It may seem like a simple thing, but there are a few rules for hanging curtains correctly.

As new window treatments are installed and curtains re hung, we thought it would be a good time to review how to place drapes to show them and the window behind off to its best advantage.



:Hang curtains at least half way between the top of the window and ceiling.                       :If you are going all the way to the ceiling, make sure you drop between 2” -3” from the ceiling.                                                                                                                                                                                                   :For a modern look, hem curtains so that they sit off the floor by 1/2”.


:Make sure the rod is wide enough that when the curtains are drawn, they are in front of the wall, not blocking light coming in through the window.                                                        :It is essential that the curtain reach to the floor and not halfway between the window frame and the floor.  The above look makes the curtains to have appeared to shrink or borrowed from another room entirely.




:Ensure that when the curtains are pulled open the just touch the outside of the window frame and not the window pane.                                                                                                       :For a romantic look, elongate the curtain by 6”-7” so that they drape or pool on the floor.



:Hang curtains on a tension rod inside the window.  If there is no option to install a curtain rod, use a blind instead.

The above basic rules should remind you the basic rules of hanging window treatments.

If you require help with curtains, readymade or bespoke, do not hesitate to contact us at House as we are there to help.  New curtains arriving this week.



Bedrooms: Tips for creating a harmonious space.

22951316-8DAF-469E-8FE6-386CE6C906FE We spend on average a third of our lives in bed so why not make the effort to create a welcoming comfortable space for ourselves.  There  are many new trends in decorating and layering beds, furniture and decorative accessories. Below are a couple of useful hints and tricks if you are re-decoratin. g or moving to a new property.

Bedroom area rugs:

There are several ways to soften a bedroom and rugs are definitely the number one item. When visiting clients homes, I always suggest an area rug or bedside rugs for a bedroom. They bring a room together and make a bedroom feel more comfortable and luxurious.

Frame your bed:


When laying down an area rug in your bedroom, it should extend 36” or so all around your bed. Alternatively, you could just extend on the sides, leaving the foot of the bed directly on the floor. For a Queen bed you would need an 8’ x 10’ Rug and for a King 9’x12’.

Runners all around:

Many customers complain about the cost of a large rug when most of it is going to be hidden under the bed. Runners are a great alternative to use on either side or along the foot of the bed. Standard sizes are 2’6” x 8’ or 3’ X 5’

Bedside art/Nightstands:

A new trend is to hang or lean mirrors either side of the bed. This will increase the bedside light when turned on, so be mindful of lighting size and bulb strength.


Colour palette:

The pale grey or soft colours always work well in a Coastal setting. Be careful not to make bedrooms too dark as this will attract mosquitos. We all know how annoying the night time buzzing of a single mossie can be. Dark colours also evoke heat and unless you are turning up air conditions to arctic level, you want the least stuffy and most airy feeling possible.


See below this useful diagram for ideal lighting heights. Always take into consideration the function of a bedside light; its size compared to the availablity of space on the nightstand; is it just a night light, will you be doing lots of reading, is it a complimentary light source or the main source of lighting in the room. Also bear in mind when buying a bedside lamp if it has more than one light setting, how it is turned on and off and what side and strength of bulb it can accommodate.

Depending on the scheme of your room, you may decide to add a pop of colour to your room or opt for the lamps to work in harmony with the scheme.


Beds and Headboards:

This is another glaring issue I often see when advising on decorating a bedroom.
To make a bed more welcoming and comfortable, it is essential to layer the head of the bed. This should be done whether you have a complete bed, or a freestanding mattress on a bed frame. If possible ALWAYS add a headboard. This does not have to be expensive. Stand alone headboards can easily be made using plywood, covered in batting and upholstored with a fabric of your choice. In the past, I have designed slip covered headboards, which means that the headboard can be changed easily depending on your mood, colour of bedding or time of year.

Infront of the headboard, pillows should be layered. Depending on the size of bed, you can start with a Euro size (square) pillow; 3 for a king and 2 for a queen, and infront of that, shams and then pillows. Many people opt for a further accent or decorative pillow, that may pick up the pattern of the bedding or some other furniture elsewhere in the room.





We have had a lot of discussion about mattresses in the shop over recent months.
Many people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on the latest pillow top memory foam, moisture wicking offerings. That is absolutely fine and especially if you know which make and model you prefer. However, I have over the years discovered that this is not necessary. Many years ago, I stayed at the Anegada Reef hotel in the most comfortable bed. I asked Sue in the morning what was the type of mattress and she told me that she bought Imperial Mattresses from Island Department Store. Since then I have been buying these and recommending them to anyone who will listen with a couple of caviats. Make sure you have a good box spring. You may think it doesn’t matter – but I am telling you from personal experience that it does. Add a mattress topper or memory foam topper to the top of the mattress. Onto that I suggest splashing out for a pillow top mattress topper/protector before you put on your fitted sheet. Trust me, for a rental or to save many dollars in product, freight and duty costs this will save you thousands and give you a luxurious feel of a high end mattress.
Bed linens; Dressing the Bed

My final advice for a comfortable bed is the bed linen. Up until I moved to the BVI more than two decades ago, I thought the be all and end all for bed sheets was the thread count. That is not necessarily the case. Cotton content and blends are equally important but a high thread count in the tropics can mean a very hot and stifling experience. At House we sell a cotton bamboo blend of sheets which are the softest and most breathable linens. I always recommend a plain colour, of which you are less likely to grow board, is a better investment long term as it can be dressed and can co-ordinate with different interchangeable coverlets, throws and accent pillows.  A duvet cover and light weight duvet is for some an essential.  If you live in the hills or with A/C this will add a comfy cosy layer.     Accessorise with different colour euro shams and decorative blankets and cushions.


I am about to start decorating my bedroom and will be sharing this on the blog in the next few weeks.

Thank you for reading.

Kitchen Trends: Black is this years grey.

How to incorporate the black kitchen trend and make it work with a classic white scheme.


Kitchen trends and colourways basically follow 10 year life cycles.  Needless to say, urban areas lead the charge incorporating new ideas with more remote reaches following in less rapid footsteps.  However it is relatively easy to tell which decade or period a kitchen has been installed by looking at cabinetry colours and finishes:  Tuscan brown/ creams and earth tones means a mid eighties – mid Nineties throw back.  The grey/black/white Parisian trend gave way to grey and painted wood kitchens more recently.  Black is definitely the next big thing in kitchen cabinetry.  

However, if you are designing your forever kitchen or installing a kitchen into a property that you plan to sell at some point, following current trends can be fraught with problems.  The last thing you need is to grow tired of the colour yourself in a couple of years, or to hear a prospective buyer exclaim that the first thing they need to do is to change the kitchen cupboards and talk down the sale price.  Keep your fixed elements classic and timeless and bring in the trend with interchangeable pieces.

The latest and greatest ideas also do not necessarily translate into a tropical setting.  Mosquitos love love love dark spaces and standing at a kitchen sink being nibbled by the small critters is not anyone’s idea of fun!   Nonetheless, there are definite ways to incorporate this stylish trend AND make the scheme work in a hotter climate.

White kitchens are by far the most timeless and classical. They are the most used in magazines and the most searched Hardware on cupboard doors can be changed as trends come and go as can back splashes without too much of a financial outlay and disruption and accessories are a great way to stay current and on top of any style wave.


Wicker, stainless or glass conical pendant lights still look fabulous, but due to the new ideas springing from kitchen and appliance manufacturers, powder coated matt black lighting is becoming readily available.


Hardware and Accessories

Incorporating gold or brass with this look is increasingly popular and does not need to incur an extensive outlay.


Similarly, black hardware and accessories used in conjunction with a white kitchen and gold or brass accents creates a modern conversation and warmth whilst maintaining a clean minimalist feel.

Back Splash and Windows



Imagine the above images without the styled addition of green plants and fruits. Don’t forget that nearly all rooms benefit from a splash of nature and potted herbs and plants the kitchen feel bring a room to life as well as being useful.



A Dash and Albert rug in black and white plays with the black trim on the windows and newly installed hardware on white cabinetry.  Without the rug, and foliage, this kitchen may look quite stark and clinical. A neutral wood floor is a good example of a timeless fixed element.

Appliances and Furniture

Major appliance and furniture manufacturers are embracing the black trend and expect to see more items offered in black, from stoves, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, hoods and seating. If a white kitchen is out of the question for you – there is a compromise and a warm alternative with a warmer lighter wood finish, paired with white counter tops, and back splashes and black seating.

We are looking forward to seeing how this trend is incorporated and available in the coming years and how we interpret it to suit our tastes and decoration.

Your home should make you happy.  Please contact us for interior decorating advice, styling and colour consulting advice.